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I have a passionate obsession for moving pictures. 


I’ve had the privilege of traveling the world telling stories.  Nothing excites me more than delving deep into a concept or storyline. Seeing a project come to life from its inception to the most detailed finishings in post.  I live every aspect of the process and strive to find ways of connecting even more with our audience.  Capturing authenticity, or the magically surreal… it’s all the same in the end as it comes from a place of shared human emotion.


Growing up in Los Angeles, film was in my blood from an early age. 

My background is pretty much everything you see on a set or in a post environment. 


As a director-cameraman I take pride in my ability to deliver under any and all conditions.  I celebrate the challenges. There is something so rewarding about being in great amounts of pain to get a shot, even though my wife hates when I say that.   

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